Austin Hill Development and the Different Kind of Commercial Properties

In real estate industry, the first thing that you must know is about the kind of sectors that can make up in commercial real estate that defined as properties and has a potential to produce a profit thru rental income or capital gain. 

In Austin Hill Development, before they become a great company in real estate world, they study and know the different kind of commercial properties that they will develop. Therefore, if you are newbie on this industry, knowing of types of residential properties is one of the important things that you must do.


What are the Various Kind of Commercial Properties?

Knowing this factor is quiet important in a real estate company. By being aware about this, it can help you to develop many types of commercial properties. In this regard, the following are the different kind of commercial properties that Austin Hill Development have:

 1.  Office Building

This kind of building comes into two kinds such as suburban or urban. Sub urban are smaller in height and sometimes, it is grouped. When you say urban, this is found in towns and includes the skyscrapers as well as high-rise of properties that is usually million sq. ft. size.

 2.  Industrial Building

This is an industrial operation for the change of tenants and this is mostly located in urban areas particularly in major transportation routes. Low-rise of this building can be grouped into manufacturing parks. This kind of properties is characterized into 4 kinds:

  • Light assembly: This is not customized and can be used for storage or product assembly.


  • Flex industrial: This consists of mix of office and industrial spaces


  • Heavy manufacturing: This kind of properties are heavily customized as well as house for machinery manufactures that is need to operate, services, and produce goods.

 3.  Residential Building

This kind of building is divided in different sector that covers all kinds of real estate such as townhomes, Coops, condominiums, and apartments. 

  • Special-purpose Housing

The kind of properties targets the particular population section including the seniors housing, subsidized, and student housing. 

  • Manufactured Housing Community

This kind of residential building operates the occupancies ground sites to the owner of manufactured housing community.

  • Walk-up

This is a 4 to 6 story property without elevator

  • Garden Style

It is consist of one to three story building that is built in garden-like-setting in urban location, rural, suburban, and it don’t have or not have elevators.

  • Mid-Rise

This is a multi-story building with elevator and this is usually located in urban areas.

  • High-Rise

It is consist of nine or more story and it has one elevator.


Being aware on different kind of commercial properties is a big help for real estate Company to know what the best properties that they must develop. Knowing these properties has a great contribution to be able to stand out in real estate industry.