Austin Hill Development High-End Residential Home Sales


Here at Austin Hill Development we bring to the table over two decades of solid performance history and an outstanding track record for enabling home owners to sell their high-end homes almost overnight and usually over asking price. With the housing market in southern California selling your quality high-end home is in demand and the housing market has re-bounded and is in full swing. We are a full-scale real estate brokerage company, and we will get your house sold, fast. Our diversified and eclectic executive management team with backgrounds ranging from finance, international investing, internet marketing, and construction, will provide you with exceptional real estate sales power.


Real Estate Brokers


Austin Hill Development offers real estate brokerage services to provide residential home sales to the southern California area. Being a full-scale real estate brokerage firm, we offer to do all the hard work of selling your home. We provide comparative market analysis, facilitate the purchasing and selling process, preparation of all the documents, preparation of all contracts and handle the exchange of the property. A broker is different than a real estate agent, in that they have taken and passed the broker exam, been licensed by the state they are in and can work as independent contractors.


Negotiations are Daunting


Don’t pick any ordinary real estate company to solve your residential home sales need in southern California. With all the negotiations involved, you need skilled and highly educated individuals to get the job done right. We handle everything for you from that buyer who just wants a lower price to the buyer’s agent trying to make a buck and only protecting the buyer. We will negotiate with appraisers and home inspectors and even deal with the buyer’s attorney if needed. You can trust that Austin Hill Development will take care of everything with professionalism and precision. 


Come see the difference our residential home sales team here at Austin Hill Development, in southern California, can offer you. We pride ourselves on providing strategy and listen to our client so we can deliver the most strategic solutions to all of our client’s needs. We build a partnership with our clients to better understand and serve their end goals. We bring to the table a comprehensive level of experience and professionalism to help you with all of your residential home sales needs in southern California, which is unparalleled. Come unlock the secret of our power to selling your high-end home today, we will not disappoint you.